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OreoBay Puppy Family Testimonials

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After much research, my family and I decided that a PWD
would be the best fit for our growing family. We live along the St. Joseph
River in Mishawaka, IN and we were looking for a medium size, non-shedding,
intelligent breed that would enjoy both the water and family activities. 
We researched many breeders, most of which appeared to be reputable, but were
delighted when we came across OreoBay and Nigel Clark.  Not only because
of its proximity, but in part due to her recommendations we received from other

At first contact, we were pleased at Nigel’s thoroughness
and prompt responses to any and all inquiries that we had.  We soon came
to realize that breeding PWDs was her passion and that she took great pride and
joy in breeding only the best traits that this breed has to offer.  She
has excellent knowledge of the breed that is helpful in the adoption
process.  She is honest in her assessment of both the pros and the cons of
a PWD, which is important to anyone looking to adopt any breed of dog. 
She would rather not give one of pups up for adoption rather than place him/her
in a home that is either unprepared or unsuited for this breed. When the pups
were at an appropriate age, we were encouraged to spend time with them, as well
as, the mother and the others that she has raised and shown over the
years.  Both my children and I fell in love with the pups and even more so
with one of the adult males that Nigel works with in water competitions. 

The pups are put through a number of tests that determine
not only the health, but the disposition of each of the pups.  She then
takes this information and determines which pup would do best with each of the
prospected owners.  We could not be happier with Cooper (Orange K
litter).  He has been everything that she said he would be and much
more.  He appears to be on the large side of a PWD, but we have never had
a dog with a sweeter disposition.  None of us can sit in a room with him
without him having to lay a body part either on you or near you.  This is
an excellent breed and without reservation would recommend OreoBay and Nigel
Clark as breeder.    February 2013

Best regards,

Donald F. White

East Region Sales Logistics Manager

McGladrey & Pullen, LLP

Certified Public Accountants

Hi Nigel, just a quick note to tell you how RIO is doing--  he
LOVES men - construction guys, big guys, black guys, autistic guys, etc-
I could not be more pleased...  He literally ran into a construction
site the other day and befriended a bunch of guys in belts, hard hats, safety glasses, noise, etc---  they were charmed and he acted like it was an everyday thing--and the other day when Baylor's family was visiting and we were around the pool, Rio just walked over to the end, crouched down, and jumped in the deep end
--  he did
nt seem too concerned, just swam to the side and tried to get out, i pulled him out---  he had never been in the pool or shown any interest in it before!  He is a total love and quite an athlete--  he climbed up on my office desk chair the other day and stood on the arm, all 4 legs, like a circus dog--  he keeps me laughing--   he plays hard but appropriately
 with all the dogs we meet, he actually slithers on his side when greeting a less socialized dog--- is the star in his puppy class, and we are signed up for basic obedience too--  water work begins with judy early june--- I love to watch him think, and as you said, he does have an off switch-- He settles so cutely in an adorable pose---  i love him dearly, thanks for your part in his wonderful personality! 

Margaret Majua -- CA -- Rio is 4 months at the time of this testimonial. March 2013


When I first went to look at Nigel's PWDs, I thought the
breed would have too much energy for me.  A few years later, I became the proud, scared owner of maybe the highest energy girl Nigel has ever produced. What she has accomplished in the performance world is amazing and I think she's the smartest dog ever born!

What sets Nigel apart from all others is her dedication
to the health of her litters, her puppy raising skills and her ability to place
the right dog with the right family. Those skills are invaluable and mean that
the puppy you get from NIgel will be the best dog you've ever had. She really
cares about the breed and takes a personal interest in every puppy she delivers
into the world.


Kim Hanson, Toledo, Ohio (Dixie X Otto litter 2008)


Hi Nigel,


I wanted to give you an update on beautiful boy Hershey.  He is completely adorable - all of our kids are thoroughly in love with him.  Even my mother, who is not an animal person and never let me or my brother have any type of pet larger than a gerbil is totally head over heels.  Its pretty fun to watch.  Hershey is also famous in the neighborhood for being friendly and good with little kids and babies.  He figured out that little kids in strollers need a gentle approach.  


I have been taking him to obedience classes.  He's had 'puppy kindergarten' and passed Basic Obedience.  Right now we are in the middle of Canine Good Citizenship and also doing a basic agility class.  He really loves the agility work - no fear at all on the A-Frame, dog walk and etc., and he really dashes through everything nicely.  I think we'll continue it, but I don't have time to practice with him while also doing CGC.  Two trips a week to the training center is about what I can manage!

(Hershey is male pup from Patience Beckham litter, dob 1/5/2014.)