With emphasis on health, 

temperament, structure and


Deacon update!  

October 2018:
Freakin Deacon is an AKC Champion.  He completed his championship in Ohio at a show where he went Best of Winners for a 4 point major, and his dam, Karma, went Best of Opposite Sex, and his sire, Smolder, went Best of Breed.  What a way to finish!  Deacon is now training for water work, rally and agility.  Deacon just turned one year old on November 27, 2018.  He has all testing complete except his hips, and is clear GM1, EOPRA, PRA, Improper Coat.  We will do JDCM test when his hips are cleared.  Deacon is CH OreoBay Trust 

May 2019:
Deacon is now working in Agility and Water.  He loves both!   Hoping to have him ready to compete this summer or fall in water and in agility soon after.   Deacon will turn two years old in November 2019.  I will get preliminary hip x-rays in June 2019 and get his OFAs done after his birthday. 

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies! 

EXCITING NEWS!   We are breeding our beautiful Karma via frozen semen to UKC GRCH AKC CH DEEWAL OREO SPEEDWAGON ARIES RN CD CGC TDIA UAGCH  "Oreo".    We expect to be breeding in March, with puppies arriving in May.  
UPDATE**** Puppies are due on May 21. The ultrasound shows a nice litter.  Karma is about 3 weeks from her due date as I write this.  She is very very hungry -- and we are feeding those babies every time she asks for more food!   Can't wait to see these beauties.  

9/12/2018 We bred beautiful SERA the last week of August.  If you have been on my website between July 15 and September 12, 2018 and completed an inquiry or a puppy questionairre, please resubmit.  My email was compromised and I had to change it.  Everything during that time was lost.  We will announce our pregnancy in late September if everything works out!   Thank you! 

11/25/2017:  Karma is nearing her due date!  We are anticipating a large litter.   She was bred to Smolder and pups are due in a couple of days!

11/25/2017:  We also have one male puppy available from Misha and Cooper.  He is actually my pick male!  A lovely boy who is a great swimmer, beautiful conformation, and will be a great working dog.  These pups were born on September 25, 2017, and will be ready to go home around Thanksgiving week, beginning Sunday, November 19.  This is our "S" Litter, and since they were born on 9/25, this is our WORKING litter -- 9 to 5 (9/25).    See sire and dam information below (Misha and Cooper.  Next, our Karma is pregnant and due to whelp her litter on November 27, 2017.  Karma was bred to the beautiful Smolder, who is a Top Twenty PWD.  He is a multiple Specialty winner and a lovely boy.  We are going back into Marshview with this guy, and Marshview is where the OreoBay breeding foundation bitch is from  (Marshviews My Girl Sloopy)   We are very excited about this litter.  Some of the litter is spoken for, but there will be some availability.  Please fill out a puppy questionnaire if you are interested in the last Misha Cooper boy or one of Karma's babies.  Our next breeding will be late fall 2018, when we bred Sera.

BREEDING:  July 16, 2017:  Misha -- CH OreoBay Nearly Perfect, JWD, just started her heat cycle and we are proud to announce that we are going to breed her to Cooper:  CH OreoBay Crazy Is as Crazy Does.  This is Misha's first breeding.  She has passed all of her health clearances and so has Cooper.  Cooper has produced beautiful pups with several lucky girls and now its Misha's turn.  we expect that Misha will be bred late this month or early August, and that pups will be here late September or early October, making them old enough to go to their forever homes in late November or early December.  We think winter puppies are awesome!    And housebreaking not an issue -- Oreobay starts the housebreaking process for you, as well as crate training and leash walking.  We have a thorough socializing process and we work hard to make sure that you are getting a puppy that you transition well and bring you much happiness and companionship.  Your job will be to continue the proper socialization.  The first 16 weeks are most critical to ensure a confident adult dog.

And finally, lets talk about KARMA.  Good karma!  We are finally breeding Miss Karma, CH OreoBay Mess With Me, JWD, CGC.  We are going to take her to the beautiful Smolder, GR CH Marshview Great Ballz of Fire!   These two will make beautiful babies for sure!  Can't wait, as I know that Karma is going to be an amazing mother.  After all, when Jenny had babies, Karma tried to nurse them when Jenny went out to potty when they were only a few days old.  She is eager to have her own beautiful babies. 

Please complete a puppy questionnaire if you are interested in any of these pups.  Also, be sure to ask to join the OREOBAY Group on Facebook.  I keep the OreoBay facebook page much more current, and lots of puppy owners share stories and pictures of their fun and happy OreoBay dogs there.   Thank you for your patience! 

2017 National Specialty

We had a great National in Warwick, RI.  Karma got her Rally Novice Title, Sera got her Beginner Novice Obedience title, Speedy placed in Sweepstakes and  we had a great time.  We only had these three OreoBay dogs with us. 

One of the saddest days ever at OreoBay:

On March 3, 2017, we said good bye to our beautiful Dixie.  My lovely girl was not quite 14 years old.  She suffered from vestibular disease, and she had difficulty seeing and hearing.  She had some very bad bouts of the vestibular and I put her through sub q therapy to get her through the difficult periods.   I promised her that I would not put her through any more difficult needle sticks or any invasive procedures.  Dixie was my best friend for many years-- going everywhere with me - to work, to play, to shows when she wasn't showing.  She was ornery, and she helped me raise puppies, hers and her grands and great grands.  She gave them hell, but she also was caught loving on them.  There will never be another Dixie.  My heart breaks when I say her name, when I think of her, when I see Karma, who looks like a carbon copy of her...appearance wise. :)  I will see you again, sweet girl, and snuggle and snuzzle and play and snooze together. 


2015 National:

We had an amazing National Specialty!

OreoBay Lovin' Every Minute, co-owned by Debra Valenta and OreoBay took Reserve Winners Bitch after taking first place in the Open Bitch class for her first major!  She has had very limited showing, but we will be hitting the road later this fall.  This beautiful black and white wavy girl is an Oreo Granddaughter, and has our foundation line behind her as well (Marshview's My Girl Sloopy).  We are so over the moon that the Judge, MR. William Shelton, was able to find our girl among such a beautiful entry.  We are just so thrilled!  Sera is out of OreoBay ClasSea Wild Ride (Malibu) and TimberOaks Drift Diver (Drifter).  Linda Scheele, RIP, would be so proud!   I know she is smiling down on her boy, who took Stud Dog at the Specialty, and all of the special get he has produced. 

We had other placements as well!

Jenny Call kids:

OreoBay Nearly Perfect "MISHA" 2nd place in 6-9 month Futurity bitches.

OreoBay Nautical Knight "GUINNESS" 1st place in Futurity 6-9 month dogs, and 1st Place in Sweepstakes 6-9 month dogs!

Karma (OreoBay Mess With Me) was our only water trial entry.  She performed the first 3 Junior Water exercises picture perfectly -- after having been in the water ZERO TIMES this year!  When it was time for the last exercise (the swim) she chose to play on the boat and have a little fun instead.  No zoomies - but no qualifying either!   

And more news!  We have bred our beautiful JENNY (CH OreoBay Jenny Jenny 8675309) to Tug (CH OreoBay Crazy Thing Called Luv).  These are going to be some fabulous babies and we can't wait!  Now taking applications for pups from this litter.  The puppies should arrive around September 22-23, and be ready to go to their homes the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned for more information!

As of July 27, we had one little female curly pup who is available.  She had a forever home all picked out and the dad found out he had to transfer across the country.  So she is 12 weeks old, crate trained, very smart, cuddly, and loves other dogs!    UPDATE 8/8/2015:  SHE has gone to her wonderful new home!    Litter information above for our next litter.   

Setpember 1, 2014: 

Here it is September already! Sad to see that summer will soon be behind us, but looking forward to the National Specialty September 11-20 in Gettysburg, PA.  This year, my focus will be on the pups.  OreoBay will have three 6-9 month male puppies and two 6-9 month puppy bitches at the Specialty.  They will all participate in Futurity, Sweepstakes, and the regular show classes.  Jenny is also coming along -- I moved her into Bred By Exhibitor class, and she needs just a 3 point major to finish.  At the last minute, Dixie was enrolled in Agility both days, when Candace agreed to come and run her.  That means Patience is also coming to the National with us.  Karma, who is a little monster - but that's another story -- is coming to show with me, and I also have her entered in Junior Water.  She is not very reliable yet -- so we'll see how that water thing goes.  My goal is to have fun.  And I am sure we will.  My brother, Dave, and my grandson, Nick, are also coming to the National! How fun.  They are planning to catch a little history and geography while they are out and about. 

We are planning litters in the coming months.  Jenny will be bred, probably in October 2014.  That will mean we have December pups again this year.  They will be ready to head to their homes in late Feb or March, as long as Jenny is true to her 'schedule'.  If a puppy is your plan, please be sure you complete a puppy questionnaire and let me know that you are interested in this litter.   Patience will be bred sometime in the first quarter of 2015.  Stay tuned. 

January 2014:  

The Patience Beckham pups arrived on January 5, 2014 and were quite different in appearance.  Hardly any white!  Only one wavy boy, and 3 curly boys; and 5 wavy girls.  One of these girls decided to stick around -- KARMA  (OreoBay Mess With Me)-- is a busy little thing -- reminds me of Izzy and Dixie!  She is a hoot -- holds her own in all events!  Tarik, my friend in Chicago, has a gorgeous curly male from this litter, RICO...OreoBay Maximiano Rico Suave'.   Love that!  Another pretty girl, Zeyla,  (OreoBay Micaela Zeyla)  is going to make a limited CH run, and she is also in the Chicago area.  It is going to be fun to go to shows with all of these little cuties!  I can't wait.  Some will definitely be at the Specialty too! 


One of the curly boys (gorgeous head!) is still available.  His home did not work out for him, as an older dog in the home would not accept the newcomer.  He is happy, healthy, and waiting for the lucky family who adopts him!


It is amazing to have gotten through having 20 puppies in the house.  It is not something I will likely EVER do again.  Very challenging, especially with the terrible long winter, high snow and low temperatures.  I am very proud of all of them and of the sires and dams of these nice litters.  I got exactly what I was hoping for!  See you in the show ring....or the water....or the agility ring.... Or just taking a walk maybe!  




January 5, 2014:  PUPPIES!  Patience has 9 beautiful pups!  4 boys and 5 girls, healthy and handsome!


December 23, 2013:  PUPPIES!  Malibu has 11 pups -- what great markings!  So adorable!  Remind me of my Oreo boy!



 November 25, 2013 -  YES! Malibu is pregnant!  Puppies due December 26.  Ultrasound shows a nice sized litter!


November 2013:  WELCOME!  -- We have breeding news to report!  We have bred Malibu to Drifter, and hope to announce a pregnancy confirmation by the end of November.  This litter should be due approximately December 26.  We have also bred Patience to Beckham and this litter is running about two months later -- so pups should be due around January 7.   See the Puppy Page for more information and stay tuned for updates!


September 2013:  We made it to the National Specialty.  Betty had zero mechanical issues, but we did blow a tire on the way, near KayCee Wyoming.  Met some great people there while we waited for help.   Once we got to the National, Candace had a first place run with Dixie in Agility.  Dixie also placed FOURTH in her 9-11 year old veteran sweeps class under Judge CJ Favre.  Also placing in Sweepstakes in the pupply classes:  Kyra, Baylor and Jenny -- all Malibu daughters out of Bacchus.  These three also placed in Futurity.  And Jenny took 1st place in her breed class, while Dandy pulled a third in Working Dog -- required to be shown by the individual who put the water title on the dog for the first time this year (that would be me.)  All in all, the Specialty was a great time!  Thanks to Candace for all of her help along the way, during and after the National - and for running Miss Dixie to a first place!


February 2013:  We are expecting a beautiful litter in Massachusetts.  The Sire is GrCH OreoBay The Secret of Drambuie (SAILOR) and the dam is CH OreoBay Happy Kiss of LunaSea (BEIJO)   Beijo is happy and healthy and the puppies are due April 11/12, 2013.  We expect a very 'typey' litter.  Families for pups from this litter are being processed through this website; so please complete a puppy quesitonaire for consideration.  Both Sailor and Beijo have all of their health tests current in the PWDCA Health and Litter Database @


January 2013:  OreoBay just placed a lovely litter of 9 puppies.  The sire is GRCH Cortereal Iron Man CD RE CWDX AX MXJ FX GROM AOM CGC, BACCHUS,  and the dam is UKC/AKC CH OreoBay ClasSea Wild Ride RN JWD, MALIBU.  True to the inconvenient timing that most OreoBay girls put us thorugh, the litter arrived on Thanksgiving Day, 2012.  And oh how beautiful!  There are 6 males and 3 females in the litter.  All wavy, all black with some degree of white markings.    The litter number is WS426182.  #01 Purple Girl went to California to show and do performance events, as did #04 Blue Boy.  Maroon Boy is not far from them, and plans a lifetime of performance activities.  All are so lucky to live near Bacchus's owner, Judy, who plans to help them along the way.  OreoBay appreciates all nine of our new (and continuing) families.  A girl going to Iowa lives with another OreoBay kid, Spash.  The Orange boy is here in Mishawaka, exciting for me!  Two boys went to Columbus, OH, and how funny this is.  The owners live only a mile apart and did not know each other, but do now ---Red and Brown playdates already planned!  Our spunky Silver boy is in Winnetka IL, and last but not least, the beautiful Golden girl is a little over an hour away near Lake Michigan. Woot Woot!  She is going to play in the water and get involved in agility.  Thank you to all of the wonderful families who have adopted these kids.  We wish everyone a long happy llife full of fun and companionship.


June 2012:  If you have a testimonial, I will begin to build the testimonials page as a subpage of the PUPPIES page.  I have a lot of information and photos, and even videos that I can add, but it will take time, as I try to learn what I am doing.  The Puppy Questionnaire is here:  Puppy Questionnaire.  Thank you for visiting. 


The lovely Malibu, CH OreoBay ClasSea Wild Ride has been bred to GCH TimberOaks Drift Diver.   The pups from this breeding will be due approximately December 26, 2013.  Families will be able to take their pups home in late February.  The picture to the left is Drifter, courtesy  of his owner/breeder.


Patience, OreoBay I Can't Wait, has been bred to Beckham, CH Patriot's Game On At ClasSea.  The pups from this breeding will be due approximately January 7, 2014.  Pups from this litter will go home by mid-March 2014.