With emphasis on health, 

temperament, structure and


OREOBAY Dogs at the 2015 National Specialty

Meet JENNY  - OreoBay Jenny Jenny 867-5309.

WS40647507   Jenny is sired by

GRCH Cortereal Iron Man CD RE MX MXJ CWDX 

 "Bacchus".  Her dam is

UKC/AKC CH OreoBay ClasSea Wild Ride, "Malibu".


Jenny lives with my brother, Dave, in Elkhart Indiana.

Our plans for her include the show ring, water,

agility and a key player in our breeding program.

Meet Dixie!  UKC /AKC Champion OreoBay Ready To Run,WWD,  CD, RN, NA, NAJ, NF, TDIA, GROM, CGC.  It took a village to get those titles!  This little monster "MITEY BITE", has a mind of her own.  She is known as 'barkey-bitey bitch' in the agility circuit, and as the sweetest thing in the world around home.  Well, unless there is a litter of puppies in the house!  Then you see the mean old gramma come out in her.  She tells those pups how its going to be, and that's how it is!   Also known as Dix, Dixer, Chopper, Dixie Chopper, Chops, Baby Girl, Honey Girl, Doodles, or just plain Dixie....we all love her to pieces!

Introducing "KYRA" , OreoBay Kicking Out The Jams!   This California girl is a litter mate to Baylor.  Her people have big plans for her.  She showed at the 2013 National Specialty in Futurity, Sweeps and the classes and was fun to watch at the Water Trial.  She is planning water work and agility.  The selection process was rigorous -- but the Purple collar girl won them over!   This is a fun, sweet girl!

This is Beijo.  Her AKC name is CH OreoBay Happy Kiss of LunaSea.  She lives in Massachusetts with Chris and Bryan. and her canine buddies.  Beijo is a chip off her gramma, Sloopy's block...meaning, she has a lot to say!  She is a gorgeous dog with outstanding bone, lovely length of leg, movement and angulation.  She was awarded Reserve Winner Bitch at the 2012 National Specialty under Judge Steven Dostie.  We are very proud of her.  She made the trip back to Indiana to finish her Championship at the Indiana 4 day cluster.  She completed her CH on Thursday, went BOS on Friday and Saturday, and Best of Breed on Sunday, to complete all three win with competiton requirements toward her Grand CH, and 2 of the required majors.  She was bred to Sailor, GRCH OreoBay The Secret of Drambuie, RN, JWD and made the trip back to Massachusetts in February.  Looking for her first lovely litter of pups in April 2013. 

This is SUPERSTAR IZZY!  I am sure that by the time I get her official AKC name and titles listed here, that she will have earned yet another one or two!  She is UKC CH Obedience HIT MACH OreoBay Get Ready Get Set CWDX CD RN MXB MJS XF.  She has an amazing performance mind and she is an agile, determined and dedicated working girl; not to mention drop dead GORGEOUS!  Her partner, Kim, is the other half of this dynamic team!  I am in awe of both of them, and so proud that a dog with this much gusto, drive and brain came through my breeding program.  Izzy is just four years old, and has been earning titles her whole life.  She had her Courier Excellent before she was 3, and she has  been going to town in AKC and USDAA agility.  Her USDAA titles are not even listed here, but I know she has some!  Kim is a dedicated trainer, who calls Izzy her 'once in a lifetime dog', and calls me sometimes just to tell me the latest amazing thing Izzy has done.  Go Izzy and Kim -- you are truly AMAZING! 

This is Dandy!  And he is a Dandy, indeed.  He spends his spare time on my lap, or on my pillow.  Or he is tormenting his Gramma, Dixie.  He follows me around and picks up anything I drop -- from a spoon to a remote to a credit card.  He also fetches the bowls when he is ready to eat, bringing his and also taking care of G-ma Dixie too.  And when he wants water, he bats his big heavy water bowl around the kitchen and even into the living room if I don't move fast enough.  I plan to title him in working water -- and we are going to master the weaves and hope to run some agility soon!   He's a momma's boy..  But a keeper! 

This boy is rocking some beautiful dark eyes, solid backskull, lovely shoulder layback and movement, and thighs you can bounce quarters off of. His bone is substantial and his temperament is fun fun fun!  He loves puppies, and you will find him rolling around on the ground when we have a litter outside, inviting them to romp all over him!   He is the life of the party. 

He has two perfect legs in UKC Agility I, where weaves are not required, his Apprentice Water Title (That was a thing of beauty!) and his AKC Championship.   Loving his temperament and working drive.  Yes, just Dandy!