With emphasis on health, 

temperament, structure and


Puppy Questionnaire


If you would like to complete a puppy appllication, the form below is our Puppy Questionnairre.  The Puppy Questionnaire is our starting point for working with families who are interested in taking home one of the beautiful OreoBay puppies.  We generally breed one or two litters per year, and sometimes we have addtional pups available through a stud dog breeding or a co-ownership breeding.   


Please complete the form below to help us understand your past dog ownership experience, what you are looking for, what your family make up is, and the events you plan to participate in with your PWD.  This helps us to make excellent placement decisions, and to put the right pup in the right home.  When we have a litter, we have x number of pups and x number of families.  Each family has needs, perhaps children, perhaps a performance-minded dog, perhaps therapy work, or maybe aspirations to co-breed a Westminster Champion.  We fit all of the pieces together in a long process that occurs during the first 8 weeks of the puppies lives.  We are watching them interact with each other, children, other animals, other people, toys.  We are looking at dominance, confidence, working drive, forgiveness, and intelligence, as well as watching them move to see how their conformation compares.  They are temperament tested at 7 weeks, and then are evaluated by other breeders at 8 weeks +/-.  All of the placements are decided after these important steps have been taken. 


Phone: (574) 596-4802  We are listed with the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America in the breeder referral program:  Be sure to visit our National breed club website for information about the breed's health and temperament.   OreoBay recommends that all PWD owners join the PWDCA and a Regional PWD Club to keep in the loop regarding health, breaking news, events, networking, and general information.

Puppies get socialized at OreoBay in many ways.  We make sure that plenty of children handle the puppies as part of our process.   Complete the questionnaire below to start your application for an OreoBay Portuguese Water Dog puppy.