With emphasis on health, 

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Happy 2020, Everyone! We are starting off the year with Karma's third and final litter.  We have bred her, using frozen semen, to CH Cypress Bay Party On  "Mackenzie".   Mackenzie is the sire of Cooper and Dandy and Tug.  We love our boys so much, that we are lucky enough to use the only frozen from Mackenzie to produce more of those awesome, sweet temperaments.   Puppies are due on February 4 or 5 and we are very excited about this litter.  Karma has about 3 weeks to go, and seems to be starving all the time.  Stay tuned and we will let you know when they arrive! 


Our lovely little 9 week old female puppy out of Oreo x Karma is looking for her forever home.  She is a black wavy with white markings on front legs and chin, and she has a great temperament, loves people, and lovely Conformation.  If you are interested, please  complete a puppy questionnaire.   UPDATE:  This puppy was placed in an awesome home with our newest OreoBay family.  The litter was sired by Oreo out of Karma.  

Karma welcomed her second litter today!  She had two babies side by side in the uterine horn, which called for a c-section.  She did awesome and all 7 babies are perfect! Karma and Oreo puppies -- how awesome! 

All of Sera's lovely pups are in their homes.  Bittersweet to send them off, but I have awesome families and I know I will see their posts in the OreoBay facebook group.  Congrats to our new families! 

The nine pups we welcomed on 10/27 are beautiful.  Sera is the most perfect mom ever.  She is so sweet, gentle and has no issue with the other dogs in the house coming in to visit her and her babies.  She steps around them perfectly and I never have to worry - although I still don't leave mom alone with puppies.  Its kind of an OCD thing with me. 

9/12/2018: We have bred our beautiful Bronze Grand Champion "SERA",  OreoBay Lovin' Every Minute, to Grand Champion Marshview's Wale of a Good Time "BALOOGA".  Check back late this month for an announcement. IF we have a successful breeding, puppies will be due around October 27 or October 28, 2018!   This will be an amazing litter!  If you inquired or completed a puppy questionnaire in the last six weeks, please resubmit it.  My email was compromised and I had to get a new email address.  Thank you for your interest! 

11/10/2017:  Misha and Cooper puppy update:  there is one male available in this litter. Do not yet know which one.  I am temperament testing on Monday  11/13 and swimming them Wednesday 11/15. Also having another breeder go over them. Pups are beginning to go home on Sunday, November 19. This is a great litter. We have some amazing working drive behind them and Oreo, with his loveable on off switch that he passes along downline.  Please complete a puppy Questionairre if you are interested.  

2016 National Specialty Update from Monterrey, CA:

OreoBay at the National Specialty:

OreoBay Ka Rio Tejo, "RIO" Apprentice Water Title!

CH OreoBay Mess With Me, "KARMA"  3rd place in Bred By Exhibitor Class  (Karma is a new AKC CHAMPION too!)

GRCH OreoBay Lovin' the Mountains, "ROCKY" CGC/TDI Therapy Dog Certification, and 3rd place in Brace Class!

GRCH OreoBay Lovin' Every Minute, "SERA", CGC title, 2nd Place in Beginner Novice Obedience, made two cuts in BOB.

CH OreoBay Nearly Perfect, "MISHA" 1st place in under 33 month Maturity Class, was the VERY LAST dog to be cut in Best of Breed before the AOMs were handed out!  (Misha also took a Group 3 in Utah on the way to the National!)

Stay Tuned! 

Tug has a breeding  in Michigan.

Rocky has pups due soon in New Jersey out of Star!

Misha to be bred in 2017!- Sera to be bred in 2017 to Top Twenty Dog Patton!!


Jenny has been bred to Tug!  We will know if we are having pups on August 20.  If pregnant, pups will be due around September 22, 2015.  Fingers crossed -- this will be a great litter!

Welcome to OreoBay!  We are a breeder of Champion Performance Portuguese Water Dogs.  But we don't just breed - we are very active!  Our dogs have Championship titles, but also work in water, agility, obedience, rally, tracking, and as therapy dogs.  We also have OreoBay dogs out there who do lure coursing, scent work, and dock diving.  This breed is very versatile, and if these kinds of activities are of serious interest to you, then you might just want a PWD! 


But the breed is not for everyone.  They are active, social, and often conniving!  Their intelligence requires that they be given work to do, and training is a must!  So if you want a dog that lays in front of the fireplace, don't look here. 


Please enjoy the site.  We are building this site from scratch, without a professional, so please be patient, and check back often.  If something doesn't work correctly, please contact us.  A form is available on the CONTACT US page.  Thank you for visiting OreoBay Portuguese Water Dogs...doing it all and loving it!


Our Mission and Focus:

OreoBay Portuguese Water Dog breeding has a focus on breeding healthy puppies with sound temperaments, paying particular attention to proper socializing and preparing puppies to grow up as confident, well adjusted dogs.   Our goal is to be very selective with our breeding choices to reduce the risk for health problems and temperaments that are too hard or too soft.  We do not breed because a dog is 'pretty' or near to us.  We select dogs based on the whole package, including being choosy about only working with those we trust to disclose accurate information about their pedigrees.  Placements are done very carefully, taking into consideration the make up of the family (Children, elderly, disabilities, etc.) and the lifestyle and plans for the puppies.  Sometimes I am asked why I place so many pups in performance homes.  The answer is simple.  This is a working breed.  When a puppy is in a performance home, I know s/he will receive lots of training, lots of bonding, lots of opportunities for physical and mental exercise, and  that ultimately, this will not be a dog that is locked away and fed twice a day.  This breed needs people.  This breed needs a job.  And  this breed needs activity.


Our hope is to continue to improve the Portuguese Water Dog breed.  We sell all puppies on Spay/Neuter contracts, unless we stay on as co-owners of our very best puppies, in order to keep them in our breeding program.   We do not have a 'kennel' at OreoBay.  Puppies are raised in the home, in the main living area, where an intense socialization regimine is followed.  Puppies are raised the way we would want them to be if we were keeping every one...and sometimes we wish we could.  But there is nothing more satisfying that placing a puppy in a home where s/he is loved, well cared for, and has an excellent quality of life.


We commit to be there for our puppy families for the lifetime of the pet, offering consultation, and ready to take a dog back, at any time, for any reason, to ensure that no OreoBay Portuguese Water Dog will ever need to end up in rescue, or a shelter, or be dropped off in the country.   As a breeder, we accept responsibility for everything we produce, forever.  Its that simple.


We also have Champion male dogs that we offer at stud to approved bitches only.  Again, our goal is to improve the breed, so these decisions are never taken lightly.


If you are interested in a puppy, or considering one of our males at stud, please complete the request on the PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE page.  Thank you for visiting the website.  We hope you enjoy the dogs! 


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This is a puppy from our Malibu Bacchus repeat breeding, whelped on Thanksgiving Day, 2012.  This guy has gone off to the West Coast, where he will be shown, and will work in water and agility....and who knows what else.  His name is OreoBay King of Hearts....He was a thing of beauty to watch at the 2013 National Specialty in Futurity, Sweepstakes, and the classes and going home with a lovely placement ribbon! 


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This is "KYRA", OreoBay Kicking Out The Jams!   She is also a Thanksgiving Day babe, living on the sunny west coast of California.  Kyra attended the National Specialty in 2013 in Albany Oregon, where she was shown in Futurity, Sweepstakes and the regular classes.  She was in the ribbons two out of three times!  She is planning a fun active life with her people, who also have agility and water on the agenda.